If you order an item that is already in-stock it will typically ship within 1-2 business days. In-stock items are items that are always kept on the website and more specifically NOT from a new collection which releases almost every Friday morning.

If you order an item from a new collection (which come every Friday morning) you are ordering something that is made-to-order. The shirt will have to go through production still & turn-around time will vary by shirt. If the shirt has a lot of color in it (7+ colors) it will take the longest (1-4 weeks) because the wait time for huge print jobs like that is long due to the limited amount of companies locally that are able to handle design prints with that much color. Screen-printing is a very intricate & delicate process so only the right people and the right machine can handle designs with a lot of color. There are very, very few companies in Ohio able to handle a high amount of colors so turn-around suffers here the most because these companies are too big to offer hard deadlines and are always very booked up. Alternatively, if you order something with only a couple colors (1-2) it will be shipped quicker (usually 1-2 weeks) because more companies are able to work with that color amount.

If you order something with a guaranteed delivery date it will be honored or you will receive your money back without having to return anything. These collections are pre-scheduled with hard deadlines given to the printing companies.

Many different printing companies in Ohio are used in total and the quickest turn-around time is always looked for. If a printing company is booked for too long they are not used unless it's a 100% must. It is understood that everyone wants their order next-day, but in order to consistently provide unique collections without stock restrictions the new collections are always made-to-order which creates a delay in shipping while the shirts are sent into production.