Ohio Allegiance is owned & operated by one person - me. I'm Andrew. Near the end of 2015 I invested my savings ($3500) into my own clothing designs and put them in a local consignment shop that I had worked at for 5 months. 1 month later, to prepare for the holiday season, my grandparents loaned me $9000 for additional inventory. Black Friday came right when I got the inventory & I crushed it at the store I was at in sales - one of the best days of my life. #1 in sales at 1 of the 3 locations for Black Friday. The next day I was fired and forced to take the remaining $10,000 inventory out of the stores. At that time, I had no website set up and no social media presence. Those stores were my only revenue stream. So the inventory went straight into my mom's basement and at that point I had a pretty big decision to make in my life.

I spent the entire next month of winter break I had at Columbus State in 2015 teaching myself how to print t-shirts. I wanted to do everything myself that way I didn't need to add any additional inventory. I built my own website and managed the social media. I could just print each shirt only when it was ordered. So I did. That December I had my first online sales. In January I doubled them. In February I doubled January's. By mid-March I had already tripled February's sales. The middle of March was then when my mom forced me to decide between staying at home and focusing on school or moving out. In hindsight, I can't blame her for not understanding my vision. It was kind of crazy.

I moved out of my mom's house a week later to really start Ohio Allegiance. Two weeks after moving I decided to drop out of college. I worked 80-100 hour weeks every single week and printed/shipped over 15,000 shirts by hand from my apartment until I decided to start handing off the printing/shipping to local companies in the summer of 2017. Since then I've been focused on learning, creating a real business structure, and getting you to go from social media to the website you're on right now. Now, my jobs for this company are just... accounting, production/shipping oversight, inventory management, customer service, design, website programming/maintenance, relationship management, social media, marketing/sales and content creation... to name a few.